Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fairy garden

Furzey Gardens in Hampshire is definitely my kind of garden. It is like a magical woodland inhabited by fairies and possibly even talking deer and rabbits à la Snow White. It certainly doesn't feel like the sort of place where actual people have to do things as mundane as planting and weeding. We went this weekend with the intention of getting inspiration for our own garden which is a long way from being magical. The border along our back wall is rapidly turning into the forest of thorns around Sleeping Beauty's castle and it depresses me every time I look out the kitchen window. I have let it do it's own thing all year in the hope that it will surprise me with an amazing display of flowers or some stunning foliage but so far nada. The whole thing will have to come out and I don't know what to plant in its place. All I do know is - no more thorn bushes! Predictably our garden improving mission fizzled out early on, as who wants to think about that, when there are fairy houses and maybe even real live fairies to track down.

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