Sunday, September 8, 2013

Proud mum

Is it allowed to have a little boast about your children? What's the etiquette around here? Oh well etiquette be blowed, I am so proud of my boy. He's had two paintings displayed in an exhibition at the village hall. Here they are; a butterfly and a smiling starfish.
He belongs to an after school art club run by two ladies who are local watercolour artists. They are amazing with the children. They are kind and warm but expect nothing less than immaculate behaviour, which they get. The wonderful thing about them is they don't teach the children. Instead they provide them with the equipment (proper brushes, quality paper and paints), show them a few techniques and let them get on with it.
Here's the artist in front of his work!

On a side note, along with my espresso maker and photos of my children, my Dutch cargo bike is probably my most valued possession. I take the kids to school and pre-school in it everyday come rain, shine, flood, snow, highland cattle. Nothing has stopped me yet.
I am enjoying these late summer/ early autumn days of cycling in a t-shirt, skirt and flip flops. In a month or so, the rain-hood will be going on, I'll be muffled up in waterproofs and wellies and it all gets a bit less idyllic.

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