Sunday, September 1, 2013

French summer

We are home after a wonderful couple of weeks in south west France. We stayed with old London friends in the their fabulous farmhouse in the Midi-Pyrenees. I am trying to hold onto that summer feeling of sunkissed skin and lazy days by the pool before we have to rush headlong back into real life and the start of the school year.
This is how we spent pretty much every afternoon. Little M learned to swim with a snorkel, a really big deal for a boy who hates getting his face wet. Little P regained her confidence in the water. She was completely freaked out by going underwater at a swimming lesson last year. And I got to practice butterfly, which I am always too self conscious to do in a public pool. I don't mind if it's just family and friends laughing at me for kicking up a mini tsunami. We stayed in the water until our lips went blue and the sun started to dip down behind the hill.
And of course, we ate well and drank well.
I loved how the children were welcomed everywhere. Not so much in the effusive way of the Italians, more that it was completely normal to bring them along to cafes and restaurants... and dancing in the square at the night market.
I think we were all equally excited by the medieval towns and castles.
The kids because they love knights and princesses and Big M and I because we recently finished a marathon viewing of seasons 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones. Not all in one night clearly but enough in one go to feel almost hungover the next day. This fortified town made me think of the Lannister's stronghold, where Charles Dance masterminded the battle against the Starks.
A kind passerby took a rare photo of us all together.
We had one uncharacteristic but fun day of adrenaline-fuelled action at a tree climbing centre. Big M did us proud on the black run.
 Little P was pretty impressive too with her barefoot climbing.
But mostly we just chilled out, read books, ate impossible quantities of salami, soaked up the sun and enjoyed being somewhere different.
A tout a l'heure!

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