Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bathroom revamp: back to black

We did it. We went for the black wall. I hummed and hahed all week until M told me to hurry up and make a decision because he wanted to finish the tiling. I made a series of frantic phone calls to local suppliers. They were mostly able to get us the tiles within a couple of days but M was adamant he wanted to get to work right away. Topps Tiles were the only company to have them in stock, ready to collect, so we went with them, even though they weren't the cheapest.They are a slightly elongated black gloss tile, no bevelling.
I love them! 

I have found myself looking around everywhere to see where I can introduce more black. I feel like have rediscovered a colour. How could I let black slip out of my life? It is so dramatic and moody and chic. White suddenly seems boring and grey is just wishy washy in comparison. I am all enthused about getting black ceiling lamps, hanging a blackboard in the kitchen and even painting the summer house black - oooh and I could plant black roses too!

Take a look at these amazing black interiors and exteriors.
I love the yellow window frames of this black timber house in this photo by Helen Ogbourn.
Black walls and a black ceiling in this fabulous house at 24 Park Av.
I love the giant blackboard in this Australian cafe.

Welcome back black!

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