Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spinners Garden

I have bitten the bullet and booked a guy to come and dig out all the hideous thorny bushes from our front and back garden. It means I am going to have make some quick decisions about what to plant in their place if we want to avoid naked flower beds over the winter. My gardening knowledge is pitifully skimpy but I have been reading through old gardening books and peering into neighbours' front gardens trying to figure out which of their plants are doing well. I have also been pinning away on my garden inspiration board on pinterest which has been useful in figuring out what my own tastes are. I clearly love lavender, bluebells, all purple flowers and black-eyed susans!

I am finding the best way of figuring out this gardening malarky is to actually go and look at a real garden and talk to an expert. So this weekend we visited to Spinners Garden. It is quite small and very sweet and has a troll bridge and bamboo thicket which kept the children entertained, while I managed to pick the brain of the owner. Apparently early November is not too late to plant my borders. The soil will still be warm and there will be plenty of autumn and winter rains to get the plants going.
Right, enough jaunting around other people's gardens, time to get cracking on my own!


  1. What fun! We had loads of thorny roses and got rid of them so the little one didn't hurt himself and planted loads of fathead lavender, which he now loves peeing on! Little did I know that Grandad had taken up all his Mum's lavender because he hated it and planted all the roses instead!! Ha!

    1. How could he not like lavender!? I wish our bushes had roses but they are just plain old thorns. x