Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to school

School and pre-school started up again this week after a six-week hiatus - not long enough! It was fittingly misty in the morning and we all needed cardies for the first time in months. Thanks mum for knitting Little P's back to school wooly! It has been great having the children around all day (well most of the time) and being free of the tyranny of the school timetable.
We didn't do half the things I'd planned, but maybe that's no bad thing. Sometimes it was fun just to potter around the house and garden.
We got plenty of trips to the beach in,
We made it to the aquarium finally,
And the children made new friends and spent time with their cousins.
And of course, we ate plenty of these
School reading books and key words were sadly neglected, but there is time enough for that (I keep telling myself anyway.)

I hope this school year is full of fun, creativity, new experiences and good friends - and a little bit of maths and English too I suppose.

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