Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bathroom revamp: tiles

M is going great guns with the bathroom. He has removed one of the doors - we knocked two small rooms into one - and blocked it up with hardboard. All the remnants of the old bathroom are now bagged up in a very messy pile by the garden gate waiting for the skip. After what seems like endless patching and prepping the first tiles are up. Woo hoo!
I had a slight wobble when I first saw the tiles as I'd imagined them going up in a brick-style pattern rather than a grid. Then I started to wonder whether they should be placed vertically rather than horizontally. Anyway they are up and M has done an amazing job, so I kept my uncertainties to myself - mainly. All in all it was better that he just cracked on with it because I would have agonized for days about correct tile placement.

I did start worrying again about our overall plan, that rather than looking simple and stylish our all white bathroom could end up looking cold and clinical. I had yet another flip through my mountain of interiors magazines and found this...
It belongs to a family who live in a bungalow in Sydney and I absolutely love it. The rest of the house is gorgeous too! It is the first bathroom that I've seen that I could actually imagine working for us. And amazingly their white wall tiles are pretty similar to ours.

M liked it too which I knew he would. He is a sucker for black. So now we have to decide what to do. The black gloss tiles are more expensive than our white ones. £40 per metre for the black ones compared to £7.99 per metre for the white tiles (and we got a further discount on that!) We would only need enough to cover one wall though. Another issue I'd not considered is that black tiles show up water stains and would need more tlc to keep them looking shiny. Arrggghhh, decisions!
M says he is happy either way. He is leaving the back wall until last and I have a week to decide whether we stay all white or add a contrast wall.

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