Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bathroom revamp: we can wash again!

We are almost there with the new bathroom. It feels like we've had so many delays. M injured his foot and wasn't able to do anything for a few weeks, so the plan to whip out the old bath and put in the new one soon after, didn't quite come off. But it's all in place now and looking great.
Look at that neat plumbing!
We were looking for a sleek and simple contemporary light to go over the mirror but could we find anything under £100? Oh no! We finally settled on the IKEA skepp light (still not that cheap at £47). It looked okay in the picture, but in real life, my goodness, it is huge! It looks like some alien spaceship has landed on the bathroom wall. 
I am not in love with it at all but we just can't afford to overspend. We still have another bathroom and the kitchen to do once this is out of the way!

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