Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pimp my pumpkin

We're not usually big on celebrating Halloween. There are various family birthdays and our wedding anniversary around that time, so it doesn't usually get a look in. Also we are usually fighting the first round of autumn bugs, so traipsing the streets in the cold trick or treating doesn't feel like the best idea. But this year, the children are full of talk of ghosts and zombies and witches, so I don't think I'm going to be allowed to skip it any longer.

The PTA at little M's school organised a pumpkin carving competition, so we got into the spirit early. I am not sure whether they actually expected the children to carve the vegetables out themselves, but I got little M to draw a face, which big M then cut out for him. After a rootle through the craft drawer, I gave the kids some t-shirt paints to decorate their pumpkins. I figured, if it sticks to fabric, it'll stick to pumpkin. It did.
Little P in the background was running a temperature of almost 39 degrees, hence the tears. I only discovered that post-pumpkin painting clearly.
Looking good.
To finish it off, they sprinkled on some glitter for a bit of Halloween glitz. I was pretty certain, little M was in with a chance of a prize, but the winning pumpkin was this amazing, intricately carved work of art, that clearly no child had had anything to do with. He got a lollipop for entering, so he was more than happy.
And here is his teeny tiny little pumpkin next to the biggest monster of a pumpkin, I have ever seen. 
Happy Halloween!

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