Sunday, October 7, 2012

Laid back Saturday

Big M was working Saturday and I was half dreading it. It has been a tiring old week; Little M has been very unsettled at school and Little P has been poorly with a rash and high temperature, possibly related to the MMR jab she had a couple of weeks back?

In the end we had a lovely day together. This was the sight that greeted me when I opened the kitchen door first thing.
The kids had a playdate in the morning. It was actually a blind playdate with children they don't really know, so lots of potential for disaster but everyone seemed to hit it off alright. We stopped by the farmers market on the way home and bought lots of amazingly colourful vegetables.
The weather was back to warm and sunny so we hung out in the garden tor a while then headed out into the forest.
Fat cat enjoying the sunshine.
Little P has been to so many parties recently she has taken to wearing party dresses everyday. Maybe she is worried about being caught out under-dressed.

We found this hawk lying on the front lawn. I thought it was a pinecone at first glance. It was in perfect condition - apart from being dead that is. Our neighbour who should be a CSI figured out it had hit the top window then dropped down to the lawn. She picked it up and opened up its wingspan for us to see. Then she slid its eyes open - beautiful bright yellow. 
It is currently in the garage in a plastic bag as our neighbour insisted Little M should take it to school on Monday for a show and tell. Not sure the teachers will be so keen on having a dead bird in class. I am going to slip it into the dustbin when no one is looking.

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