Sunday, October 28, 2012

I carried a watermelon

Well a marrow really.
This beast has been cluttering up my kitchen work surfaces for a good month now. It is basically an overgrown courgette. I keep waiting for it to start showing signs of wrinkling so I can sling it but it is as shiny and solid as the day we picked it.
My husband thinks we should stuff it with mince but I'm not sure it would even fit in the oven. I found a recipe for stuffed marrow in this post-war recipe book we have, but it looks a little repulsive to me. 
The same book recommends pilchard flan, bacon loaf, sweetcorn pie and chops in batter. Not really my kinda thing.
How great is this kitchen though?
I did come across a reference to marrow and apple chutney in a novel I was reading. That would also solve our apple mountain in the garage problem. If I save a few jam jars and sort out some pretty scraps of fabric maybe I could make some jars of chutney as Christmas presents.

Or I may just hollow the thing out, cut a face into it and turn it into a halloween marrow.


  1. Like the sound of Halloween Marrow! We had 3 hybrid squash grow for us this year - I've made chutney, soup and curry with it (there's a post on my blog if you are interested), and still have one left over - I am similarly hoping that it might go mushy but it's showing now signs so far

    1. Will definitely check out your marrow post. I need inspiration. These vegetables could survive a nuclear war.