Friday, September 28, 2012


Between the torrential downpours and flash floods there have been some pretty decent bursts of Indian summer. I am definitely a summer person and any day spent in flipflops is a good day in my book. The sun came out while my mum and dad were over and we headed into the forest with the kids and dog in search of blackberries.
This is our absolute favourite tree. We call it the Totoro tree after the massive camphor tree in the movie My Neighbour Totoro. Whenever we pass by we all yell “Totoro!” at the tops of our voices. To date he hasn’t called back, but we are hopeful…
There seemed to be some kind of horse meet up going on so we kept the shouting quite brief to avoid a stampede.
Weirdly later on the horses all took off at a slow canter down to the stream. The ones already down by the water whinnied back to those still at the tree maybe to tell them to get a push on.
I think the horses had already done a good job of stripping the bushes, but we still got a decent haul of blackberries. I did notice the children put more in their mouths than the bags.
Anyway we got a very decent pie out of them.
And despite the falling temperature we gritted our teeth in a way that behoved our northern roots and had dinner outside under this amazing sky. 
I admit that I chickened out and came inside for my pudding.

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