Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pompom skirt

Phewee I did it! I completed the Elsie Marley KCWC
I admit I didn't spend an hour a day on making kids clothes but I did do a little something most days: washing and ironing the fabric on Monday, measuring up and cutting it out on Tuesday, threading up the machine on Wednesday - that was a headache I was out of bobbins and managed to jam up the machine trying wind a bobbin that already had a different coloured thread around it. Thursday I did the waistband and by Friday night I had this little creation.
I've had this picture from Mommy by day Crafter by night on pinterest for ages and it must have lodged in my subconscious. I was in a fabric shop looking for a brown velvet ribbon to trim the baby blue corduroy fabric I had just bought, when I spied these crazy pink pompoms. I suddenly remembered Ashley's pompom skirt and thought why not.
It is super cute. As usual I seem to have made it a little too big around the waist. I am always worried things will be tight so I go too far the other way. Oh well plenty of growing room.
I absolutely loved sewing with cord. It is so well behaved! It really holds it shape when you iron it and there is no slithering around when you sew. I found the pompoms a bit tricky to attach as they kept threatening to get snarled up on the presser foot but they were well worth the (very minor) trouble.
We visited the most beautiful public garden this weekend and the skirt passed the playing outdoors test with flying colours. We also spotted a few more pompoms...
I have half a metre of pompoms left. Now where shall I put them...

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