Sunday, September 23, 2012

New school, new skirt

Since Little M started big school a couple of weeks ago, Little P has been begging me to let her start pre-school. Last week I relented and signed her up. To mark the occasion I ordered her a shiny new Dora backpack off ebay (her choice) and got the sewing machine out to attempt a new skirt for her first day of pre-school, a lovely idea I borrowed from Dana at Made.
All my fabrics are really summery lightweight cottons perfect for a pretty sundress, not so great for wrapping up on chilly autumn days. Luckily she went for a cute navy cotton with cherries which was a weeny bit heavier. 

I was really happy with how her yellow summer skirt turned out, so I did pretty much the same thing except this time I made a two-tier skirt by sewing two skirts of different lengths together and inserting the elastic waistband between the two layers.
The tricky bit was figuring out how to join the two pieces together for a neat finish and end up with them both facing the right way. After a lot of trial and error I worked it out; slip the shorter skirt inside the longer skirt both facing right-side out. Stitch together around the top and flip the shorter skirt to the outside. Feels wrong but weirdly it works.
Then I sewed some red ric rac around the hems to pick out the two tiers.
A ra-ra skirt perfect for stomping through autumn leaves,
collecting conkers
and playing hide and seek.
Right, time for pre-school!
'Stop taking photos now, we're going to be late!'

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