Saturday, November 24, 2012

Patchwork progress

Things are happening on the patchwork front. I've picked out eight gorgeous fabrics for Little P's quilt. She chose the colour scheme pink (what else?) and green and I ordered a bunch of different fabrics over the internet, most of them from Fabric Rehab
absolutely love the floral fabrics they are so sweet and girly but also a bit cool and retro.
And how cute is Little Red and the wolf - or is it a fox?
I was working on the theory that if I liked a design and it fit the colour scheme it was bound to work with the others. Wrong!

had about as many hits as misses. For some reason the solid pinks and greens just weren't working. I thought they would act as background pieces, but sitting next to the prints they seemed to leap out and take centre stage, so back in the cupboard they went.
I also ordered a selection of gorgeous Scandinavian style designs in red and white and green and white. I adore them but they just don't work with the dainty florals, polka dots and stripes. They'll keep for another project. I see a lot of purses, cushions and dolly clothes in my crafting future.

My lovely postman also dropped off a rotary cutter and patchwork ruler the other day.

Looks like I'm all set. Time to get to work.

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