Thursday, November 22, 2012

Alphabet biscuits

Little M is learning to write - a tricky business for a left-hander. As a fellow lefty I completely emphasise. The letters feel back to front, you can’t see what you’re doing and anything you do manage to get down you smudge over anyway. The whole process feels totally counter-intuitive. Oh yes and to add to the fun they are learning joined up handwriting from the start.

I need to bring back a love of the written word to our household before Little M chucks down his pencil in despair.

I am thinking biscuits – in the shape of letters – decorated with lots of sweeties.
I made a basic shortbread dough by rubbing together 2oz caster sugar, 4oz butter, and instead of the usual 6oz of plain flour, I added 4oz flour and 2oz ground almonds for a vitamin D hit. I needed some way of justifying all that refined sugar.
The kids loaded their biscuits with jelly tots and smarties. And they were gone in a flash.
Ok that’s letters M and P sorted, only another 24 to go.

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