Monday, November 11, 2013

Pass the chair

My mum bought this chair second-hand as a student in London in the late '60s. It was a leather armchair then and apparently she planned on reupholstering it but never got round to it. When she told me she was throwing it out - she had literally dumped it in the back garden - I said I'd sell it on ebay for her. But when I saw it, I felt I needed to rescue it myself. It is not in the greatest nick.
It could look amazing with a really brightly coloured floral fabric. I love these from Bluebelle Grey.
I want them all! 
I adore these designs by Zoe Barker 
 How fabulous is this deer?
Or this one from Designers Guild
There is something quite hideous but also strangely appealing about this one also from Designers Guild.
Maybe not.
These delphiniums on yellow by Harlequin are rather cheerful.
Or something more retro. How gorgeous are these Josef Frank fabrics in Ben Pentreath's London flat?
I am in love! 
This fabric with the pomegranates by Harlequin is not dissimilar.
Or this large leaf design from Harlequin again.
Not as colourful, but I love these ferns from Sanderson.
Decisions, decisions. I have a niggling feeling that I may have taken this chair on with the same intentions my mum had forty plus years ago and that they may remain just that - ideas. Maybe another forty years down the line little P will rescue this chair from me full of plans to revive it. It could just become a family tradition of pass the chair. Why not!?


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