Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello springtime

Woo hoo! At long long last spring is here. It feels like winter has lasted about two years. I was starting to wonder if we’d been transported to some awful version of Narnia where it is always winter but never Christmas except without the benefit of crisp snowy forests and magical fauns just endless damp chill days.
But enough! The sky is blue. The birds are back. And there are even flowers - creamy magnolia, pink camellias, yellow forsythia, blue... erm bluebells.
Before I am accused of egg stealing. Our neighbour brought this robin’s nest around for the children to see. They had been tree felling and it was a casualty. I did try and insist that we placed it somewhere up high so the mother could find it but apparently it was too late.
Little M was as gutted as I was but made he made this paper robin and claimed it had hatched from the egg.

I made the most of the sunshine and attacked the dandelions, which seem to have taken over from the ivy as enemy weed numero uno. 

Afterwards it looked like an over active mole had ploughed its way through the lawn.
I also pruned the roses and hacked the fuchsias back to mere stumps, which seemed to pay off last year. Fingers crossed.

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