Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fabulous photographic fabric

We’ve all been battling bugs for the last three weeks, a pretty gruesome cocktail of pneumonia, laryngitis, croup, wet coughs, dry coughs, blinding headaches, asthma attack and scariest of all a code blue resuscitation at A&E. We are all on the mend now thank goodness.

An upside to us all feeling completely grotty was once that we were over the worst of it, there was lots of time for recuperating on the sofa watching films, reading books, discovering new blogs and pinning like crazy on pinterest. I came across this great Belgian sewing blog called straightgrain where I found these fabulous little girl dresses made from photographic fabric. On the left Holy Cow! and on the right Oh Deer! They are so cute and kitschy. I absolutely love them.

The fabrics were from ebay but I trawled and couldn't find anything similar. I did find some beautiful but more pricey photo fabric on spoonflower. How great is this leaping horse? I would love to make it into an A-line dress for little P. The fabric design is large enough to have one horse front and back.
And I adore these roses. They would make a beautiful prom-style dress.
The fabric is called Roses Schmoses and there is a story that goes with it.

She was seeing red when he gave her an apology posy. 
This greatly enhanced his grocery store purchase. 
She kept the flowers and lost the man. 

Hmm definitely rings a few bells with me.

There is a blue version which I love too.
blue roses for a red lady fabric by peacoquette designs 
I’ve got a few patterns for children’s dresses I want to try out, maybe on a less pricey fabric first. I did try making a peasant style dress without a pattern, which I may share another time but to be honest it was a bit of a disaster. Probably because of the 39ºC temperature I was spiking and the small grizzly child sitting on my knee throughout. Little P’s verdict was “I will wear it on the beach” which I thought was a pretty tactful way of saying “You messed up on that one so I won’t be wearing it where anyone I know might see me.”


  1. Hi, I am Sarah of Peacoquette Designs! Thanks for mentioning all of my designs! I really appreciate it! I just stumbled across this using Google image search and had to share it with my followers on Facebook!
    Thanks again and happy sewing!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Your fabrics are absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to make something. xxx