Monday, August 12, 2013

Bathroom revamp: destruction

Things have to look worse before they look better, right? I'm hoping that's true. Big M set to work with a vengeance on the bathrooms, well bathroom as two are now knocked into one. This is what it looked like before he attacked the partition wall with a sledge hammer.
Loo on one side, bath and sink on the other. Did you spot my inadequate attempt to make the bathroom look more homely with a pretty shower curtain? Didn't work. The children and I shipped out for a couple of days to my parent's house, so M could raise up a dust storm on his own. Little M has asthma and there was no way I wanted to risk an attack.
Yay! Here he is breaking through to the other side!
As well as knocking down the wall, he pulled up the floor, removed both radiators and capped off the flow and return pipes, took the light switches off the wall and set up a temporary switch in the hall. Oh and he kindly put the camera on timer so he could record the wall coming down. This is how things looked when we got back.
As soon as I saw the room I instantly dropped all my plans for a new layout. Far too much work and the existing set up works just fine. M is going to leave the bath in until the very last minute as the kids hate showers. They don't like water on their heads or faces. You can imagine how much fun hair washing is in our house! At least the weather is good right now. Maybe I can hose them down in the garden...?

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