Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The torch comes to town

A little interlude from making…

The Olympic torch came our way the other day. We’d been following its progress since it arrived in the UK and the kids and I were pretty excited about seeing it. Big M less so, but he got into the spirit once we were there.
It rained but hey it’s rained everyday since April so that was neither here nor there. Summer 2012 is turning into the summer of the torch and the rain.
I absolutely loved that people turned out on horseback.
The runners stopped for a twenty minute handover and we got to see the torch - or torches up close. The torch bearers were literally mobbed albeit in a very polite English country village way. We had to elbow and jostle with the best of them to get this picture. It was a proper Warholesque 15 minutes of fame.
It was a great start to the Olympics. I am looking forwards to two weeks of wall-to-wall gymnastics, diving, rowing and athletics. Come on Team GB!

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